"Leave the dead horse alone." Shinpuru(s) Here *Semi-Hiatus*
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Okay so I’m not going to be updating my blog for a bit. My final IB exams are in one month and I’ve put in so much time and effort so I can’t mess this up, i won’t. My last exam is on the 15th of May, so until then I won’t be on tumblr. I’ve been having trouble with my focus, I’m just so tired but I know I can get through this last stretch, I mean I’ve been waiting for this moment for the last who knows how many years. I’ll have a few months of free time before I start Uni in August-September and I’ll be in Barcelona for a bit at the end of May to the beginning of June. Regardless after exams I can do a lot more with my blog. It’s been a bit stale for a while and I’ve been meaning to spruce it up a little, but all in good time. I have a lot to look forward to, so I really just need to buckle down and concentrate on exams. There is so much at stake but I know I’ll be relieved when it’s over and know I’ve passed. 

So I hope any of you that read this can bear with me until then! 


Yves Saint Laurent S/S 2011

Ben Waters @ Juun.J Spring/Summer 2014 BACKSTAGE

Anne Sophie Goneau | More

Lou Dalton FW13


3.1 PHILLIP LIM s/s 2013

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Styling.- Hugo Lavin
Photographer.- Thomas Giddings
Model.- Alexander in Dior Homme

You’ll remember me, I know it even though you habitually say you forgot me
You’ll remember me, I know it because it’s me, who loved you so much
-거미 (내 생각날 거야)

Juun. J SS14 ph Harry Carr